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We are the most engaged network for global gaming enthusiasts based in Singapore. We currently manage 30 exclusive partners and over 200 affiliated partners across seven Asian countries. If you are a gaming content creator, looking for ways to show the world what you can do, then you’re in the right place.

At IndiGaming, we give you talented people a chance to sparkle, and a foundation to uplift your capabilities. We’ll show you the right path to go. IndiGaming will promote your talent and help you get recognition across the world.

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Creator Dashboard

Social Media Management

Channel Optimization

our services


    Branded Content with CMS

    Multi-Platform Distribution

    Affiliate Marketing


    Viral/Branded Content Production

    Videographer Matching/Support

    Creator Collaboration Matching


    Multi Platform Content Distribution

    Viral Prediction/Advertisement

    Digital Right Management

    Community Seeding


    Brand Strategy Development

    Fandom Management

    IP Business Development

    Crisis Management

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